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Jordon/ Kowhai's

In the short film Tama Tu one of the characters had been on lookout and he had stumbled across a German soldier and he was hesitating to take the shoot because the German soldier had saw a black cat and he had grubbed it then an anonymous person had shot the German soldier dead.
Tama Tu is a Maori film based on World War 1 ,When the Maori vs the English. The Maori men camp out in this building waiting for the English to come out from hiding, Maori seen the soldier lying on the ground it looked like he had been shot in the leg. The soldier was holding a black cat in his arms then someone shot the man holding the cat.

Yellow Brick Road

The story Yellow Brick Road by Witi Ihimaera tells the story of some people that want to make more money and moves to Wellington to make a new life.

The story is set in the North Island. Waituhi where all their family is from, but they not making enough money for themselves so they are moving to Wellington. There dad brought them a car earlier before they decided to go on a road trip down to Wellington.

Everyone was happy to make some more money in Wellington but they just didn't want to leave their family,friends,boyfriend when they broke down they had to take of some stuff out but the mum didn't want to so dad took out Matiu books but it had Matiu favourite book in it and all his pages fell out with stuff and they all flew into the sky so he got out and tried to save his pages but he couldn't and he was running over the road and people driving passed.

The dad he was saying said ‘come on car only one hill left’. Matiu was so happy in Wellington that he called it Wellington…

Why I would not sign the treaty of Waitangi

If I was at waitangi on the day the treaty got signed i wouldn't sign the treaty because of the prostitution of others. Sailors are spreading S.T.I.s with our women